Comments from Our Loyal Customers...

Rachel V. - Jefferson, WI

First, I'm not even a big beef/steak person, but I LOVE Lemke beef.  The steaks are the most tender and flavorful steaks I've ever had.  I won't even buy steak from anywhere else or bother ordering it when we go out.  Nothing can even come close to what's already in our freezer.  The hamburger is incredible, as well.  Store bought doesn't cut it anymore. 

Don't even get me started on the roasts... Incredible!! 

Danielle H.  -  Jefferson, WI

Absolutely love your beef!!

Lots of tender and flavorful meals with Lemke beef!

Curt H.  -  Fort Atkinson, WI

This is some of the best beef I've had in a long time. You don't even need a knife to cut the steaks!  Everything I've had has been excellent!!  I'm hooked!! I need MORE!

Kathy & Bob E.  -  Fort Atkinson, WI

Flavor is 1st class... Tenderness is Amazing!!

Steaks are delicious, tender & full of flavor!


Jason H. - Lake Forest, IL

I was not new to consuming freezer beef as it was the norm as a kid and I have been purchasing freezer beef for a number of years but never was satisfied with the steaks.

I decided to give Lemke Farms a try after sampling their beef at a class reunion where it was served and immediately noticed as difference.  As a result, I decided to give a try with a 1/4 beef and had a great experience.  The flavor and tenderness of the steaks was out of this world, and my kids even blindly asked, "how come these steaks are so good"? 

Needless to say, the 1/4 beef did not last long and now I am in queue for a 1/2 beef. 

I highly recommend the beef from Lemke Farms to anyone.  And, an added benefit is Chris routinely shares pictures of the herd that always appear to be happy cows!  :-) 






RATING...  Based on flavor, tenderness & overall quality.

1 STAR = Poor,   2 STAR = Average,   3 STAR = Good,   4 STAR = Great,   5 STAR = Excellent

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